ESG Ratings Bubble Chart

“External ESG ratings focus predominantly on environmental and social risks – with hardly any focus on governance or strategy. That’s where ESG Navigator is especially helpful.”

Linda Hilbert – Executive Director – Consumers Energy

Compare and Contrast

Would you like to see – on one page – how a dozen of the main ESG ratings and frameworks compare:

  • to each other?
  • to your ESG Navigator ratings?

Here is an example showing just one (of the 17) elements of ESG Navigator…

In the graphic above, a solid “bubble” means a high degree of overlap between the ESG rating scope – and the specific KSI; semi-solid “bubble” means partial overlap; hollow “bubble” means little or no overlap.

Toggle and Sort

  • Each column of the “ESG Ratings Bubble Chart” can be sorted.
  • Just click on the column heading (e.g., SASB) and all 114 KSIs will be sorted:
    • First by the SASB column bubbles (solid – then partial – then hollow)
    • Then by KSI#

Access HTML File

  • A special web page showing┬áthe comparisons (like shown above) is available only to companies that Join Advanced Option C.
  • For Advanced Option C company members, you can view the bubble ratings here.

Learn More

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