Free (Option A)

Free Subscription Breakdown:

Time Period: Ongoing – providing your complete an annual update of your company self-assessment data (Scorecard)

Cost: No fee

Requirements (same for all Join options): must be a for-profit company – realizing ESG Navigator is designed primarily for large and mid-size companies (e.g., revenue of $100MM+ or 100+ employees. ESG Navigator is not available (or intended for) professional service firms (consultancies, law firms, etc.).

What You Agree: Complete an initial Company Self-Assessment; update your Company Self-Assessment at least once per year. Click the Option A Join button – and thereby confirm the User Agreement. This ensures confidentiality of your data (no other company can see your data) and allows us to list your company name as a participant – so that you (and all others) have a sense of what peer companies are in the benchmark database.

What You Receive:

  • Maintain ongoing 24/7 access as a Registered User.
  • Download a PDF file of the rating criteria.
  • Complete your Company Self-Assessment (“Scorecard”) – and then edit it as often as you want.
  • Analyze your results – (See Figure)
    • View Summary Bubble Chart;
    • Rainbow Charts for each of the four sections;
    • Bar charts for only the top two levels of detail.

You do not receive access to all of the analytics on the website that are included in Options B and C; nor do you receive many other features shown in the table on the Join page.

However, you can purchase (a-la-carte) the Excel Toolkit, Best Practices Library, and/or ESG Ratings Maps.