Option C: Premium

$5,500.00 for 1 year

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Option C: Advanced “How do we drive performance improvement?”

Time Period: Annual Subscription (starting date of sign-up)


  • $4,250 for new companies – entering complete company self-assessment data after September 30, 2019
  • $3,400 for Founding Participants – with a complete company self-assessment data entered by September 30, 2019) — a 20 percent discount

What You Receive:

The main focus of Option C is to help companies focus on: “How do we drive performance improvement?”

  • All the benefits of Option B… plus:
  • Driving Performance Improvement:  Dig into priority areas (KSIs) you marked as “Highly Important / Relevant to my Company. Engage with peers to address:
    • Are we having the right strategic conversations about ESG? Do we have the right balance between:
      • Playing Defense (risk management)
      • Playing Offense (driving tomorrow’s growth)
    • Where do we go from here? Engage with peer companies that have been active users of the Scorecard; learn from each other.
    • Targeting ESG Rating Improvement: Can we use the Scorecard to target ESG rating improvements? How well do we balance (internal) performance improvement vs. striving for (external) recognition (via ESG ratings)?
  • A New Quarterly Strategic Discussion Forum” – Let’s say you want to select your own group of (at least six – to preserve confidentiality) companies to benchmark. These might include:
    • Who Can Participate? Only available to Option C (Advanced) participants
    • What about Monthly Webinars? The monthly webinars continue – open to interested participants and focused on more practical information and updates
    • Target Audience? These quarterly forum is aimed at CSOs and VP-level executives
  • ESG Impact” – Are you prepared when you run into a C-Suite executive who asks, “What do I need to know about ESG right now?” Do you have your answers?
    • Powerful Stories (about companies facing massive financial risk – and those positioned to capture significant revenue growth from ESG.
    • Financial (not “green” News Items (Powerful stories about companies facing massive financial risk – and those positioned to capture significant revenue growth from ESG). You don’t need to read all of these business journals; we will share the key nuggets: The Wall Street Journal; The New York Times; Harvard Business Review; Fortune; Bloomberg Business Week; Fast Company; etc.)

Requirements (same for all Join options):

  • Must be a for-profit company.
  • Designed primarily for large and mid-size companies (e.g., revenue of $100MM+ or 100+ employees.
  • Not available (or intended for) professional service firms (consultancies, law firms, etc.).

What You Agree (same requirements as those in Options A and B)

  • Complete an initial Company Self-Assessment.
  • Update your Company Self-Assessment at least once per year.
  • Click the Option C Join button – and thereby confirm the User Agreement:
    • Ensures confidentiality of your data (no other company can see your data).
    • Allows us to list your company name as a participant – so that you (and all others) have a sense of what peer companies are in the benchmark database.