Rating Criteria: New 2020 KSI List

  • During Q4-2019, we conducted a major overhaul of all KSIs – to continually sharpen and simplify – yet retain the integrity for year-over-year comparisons.
  • We received terrific input and very detailed comments from about 20+ active Scorecard users – and as a result we were able to eliminate 18 KSIs (!) and considerable sharpen the (Stage 1 – Stage 4) descriptors.
  • Attached here is the final, new 2020 KSI listing.

What Your Peers are Saying

PPG Industries: C-Suite Survey: In November 2019, Mike Corcoran and Mark Cancilla shared how PPG Industries selected their “top 20” KSIs, converted them into a survey form, sent the survey to the top 100 executives in the company, analyzed the results, and shared them at the CEO’s off-site meeting in January 2020.

UPS: ESG Council Excel Ratings and Analysis: In March 2020, Patrick Browne shared how UPS engaged 11 members of their Sustainability Steering Team to each complete ESG Navigator ratings (using the Excel tool) – and then analyzed the results as a team.

Ingersoll Rand: Using ESG Navigator to Drive ESG Leadership: In September 2019, Scott Tew shared how Ingersoll Rand has been reaping value from the Scorecard in various ways over the past three years. Watch the short video below – from our September webinar.

Participating Companies

  • Go to back-up page to view companies actively involved from 2018 to 2020
  • See also the ~70 companies involved in shaping this tool between 1997 and 2018
  • During 2020 we expect to announce a major strategic partnership that will grow participation 10x

Publications and Talks

Monthly Webinars

  • Since January 2019, we have held monthly webinars for participating companies and interested parties.
  • Click back-up page to download files from our past 2019 monthly webinars – or to register for upcoming ones.

“Pitch Deck”

  • What’s the end result? How are companies using ESG Navigator?
  • Download an example “pitch deck” – and imagine yourself giving this pitch using your company data on your company templates.