Latest Peer Company Activity

Since January 2019, we have had monthly webinars for interested ESG Navigator users. We typically invite a company to share how they are using ESG Navigator on every few webinars.

Summarized below are key recent developments, showing how peer companies are “pushing the envelope” using ESG Navigator. You can also view:

Below are recent uses of ESG Navigator platform:

Engaging the CEO, C-Suite and Board

  • One of the main reasons companies love ESG Navigator is that it “speaks the language of the CEO and board.”
  • We created the example pitch deck only after many ESG Navigator member companies shared with us the slides they had shared with their C-Suite executives.
  • View the Peer Company Presentations noted above for example slides used in C-Suite presentations.

Using the Excel Toolkit to gather robust company self-assessment data

  • Dozens of companies have used the Excel version of ESG Navigator to solicit input from a wide variety of colleagues internally to the company.
  • Many of the company presentations shared during our webinars discussed this, including: Consumers Energy, DTE Energy, Fluor, PPG, Stryker, and UPS – among others.

Reaching out to lines of business leaders

  • Fluor recently used the Excel Toolkit to (1) reach out to the cross-functional ESG council and (2) to each of the key lines of businesses. They then created a summary of all the ESG Navigator scores for each group – and analyzed the key differences. Flour provided a backdrop for this during the December 2020 webinar.
  • A major European industrial company (via our Conference Board partnership) used the Excel Toolkit, gathering data inputs from >30 ESG team members globally.