The premier global platform to help companies capture value from ESG

Our Value Proposition

ESG Navigator is a ready-made roadmap to help companies capture value from ESG. Empowers C-Suite executives and your teams to create a future-ready strategy: know where your company stands today on ESG (vs. peer companies and major ESG ratings) - and build robust governance and a winning strategy to capture value from ESG tomorrow.



Fast & Easy

  • Get started for free
  • Complete preliminary assessment in less than 2 hours
  • Immediately benchmark with peers


  • Proprietary ESG Maturity Map
  • A tough 4-stage rating scale
  • 100 “Key Sustainability Indicators”
  • Relevant to every corporate function


  • Crafted in boardrooms since 1997
  • Refreshed annually by ESG experts
  • Tested & vetted by 80+ companies

Endorsed by The Conference Board

“ESG Navigator distills 30 years of industry knowledge, interactions with dozens of CEOs, board members, and ESG expertise into an easy-to-use, online assessment tool.”

Paul Washington, Executive Director | ESG Center


Since 2015, over 80 members of The Conference Board have actively shaped ESG Navigator.”

Uwe Schulte, Director | Global Sustainability Centre

Answers Key C-Suite Questions

  • How should we be thinking about sustainability right now?
  • How does our company compare vs. peers?
  • How does our performance map across the ESG frameworks and ratings?
  • Where can we capture value?

Over 100 Major Global Companies Participating

Companies Participating


"I've always viewed ESG Navigator as a powerful platform for corporate leadership to assess readiness for success in a carbon-constrained world."

Dave Stangis, Partner and CSO | Apollo Global Management

“It’s a simple tool using clear language to help you understand what good, better, and best look like – and what’s expected of you as you progress.”

Scott Tew, VP Sustainability | Trane Technologies

"We take so many surveys (e.g., CDP, DJSI, etc.) - and are ranked against our peers, but we rarely gain insights from the results. ESG Navigator allows us to dig into the contributing factors - and see where the opportunities lie.“

Michel Washer, Deputy Chief Sustainability Officer | Solvay

“ESG Navigator is my library. It organizes current and emerging ESG topics in one place; helps us assess the relevance of these topics to our business; shows our organization's maturity; and identifies improvement opportunities.”

Edan Dionne, Vice President | IBM

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