This is a moment to rethink everything. The coronavirus pandemic will only accelerate the unstoppable growth of ESG as a defining business issue of the 2020s.

ESG performance is imperative; yet, C-suite executives face unmet needs:

  • How do we move beyond the ESG ratings game; align internally and see how we truly stack up?
  • What critical few actions will drive tomorrow's growth while cutting risk and enhancing brand?
  • How will we know we are "future-ready" - with robust systems in place?

Welcome to ESG Navigator - the best tool available to large and mid-size companies facing these questions.

What Your Peers Say

"We take so many surveys (e.g., CDP, DJSI, etc.) - and are ranked against our peers, but we rarely gain insights from the results. ESG Navigator allows us to dig into the contributing factors - and see where the opportunities lie."

Michel Washer - Deputy Chief Sustainability Officer - Solvay


"ESG Navigator speaks the language of our C-suite and board; great for engaging senior executives."

Scott Tew - Executive Director, Center for Energy Efficiency & Sustainability -Trane Technologies


ESG Navigator is not another one-size-fit-all rating scheme. The Navigator organizes current and emerging ESG topics in one place. It assists practitioners in assessing the relevance of these topics to their business and, with context, examines the organization's maturity in each area and identifies improvement opportunities.

Edan Dionne - Vice President -IBM


"I consider your work the leading pragmatic industry-focused tool for assessment and improvement."

Mark Weick - Lead Director, Sustainability - Dow [retired]

Key Features of ESG Navigator

  • Free - for large companies to benchmark and view ~150 analytics
  • Confidential - your ratings are completely confidential
  • Comprehensive - all functions (HR, IR, R&D, etc.) see their role in ESG
  • Proven - launched in 1997 in F-500 boardrooms; enhanced over 20+ years
  • Vetted - Over 80 companies have challenged and shaped the rating criteria
  • Value-driven - Developed "by industry, for industry" to drive value creation

1. Know Your Position

Answer these questions:

  • How do we really stack up on ESG?

    • Vs. major companies globally?
    • Vs. industry sector (sub-sector) peers?
    • How can we do this quickly, with immediate results?

  • How can we all "get on the same page" re ESG?
  • How do we build ESG into strategic planning?
  • How can we do this quickly, with immediate results?


  • Peer Companies: List of companies
  • Excel: tools and special reports

    • Slice and dice the 129 KSIs
    • Gather input from specialists inside your company

  • Analytics: (>500 for most companies)
  • Data: from >70 large, global companies

1. Know Your Position - Testimonials

"The dialog among our cross-functional team as we completed our self-assessment was an excellent opportunity to align on ESG internally. This is a simple - yet powerful platform that demonstrates the breadth and influence of ESG in defining business strategies."

Skiles Boyd - Vice President - DTE Energy


"It's very advantageous that the data are confidential.  We can be candid with our input, since no other company can see our ratings.  Those ratings will provide clarity on where we are in our sustainability journey and where we should focus improvements."

Nancy Kralik - Senior Director, Sustainability - Fluor


2. Chart Your Course

Answer these questions:

  • Where are we most vulnerable re ESG?
  • What are the critical few actions that will:

    • Reduce risk?
    • Drive growth?
    • Enhance brand?

  • Which ESG ratings should we chase?


  • Pick your Top 10:
  • Best Practices: Library of >500 examples
  • Peer Learning: Webinars and Quarterly Forum
  • ESG-20: Gib's top 20 KSIs that every company should carefully consider
  • Pitch Deck: Presenting to the C-Suite

2. Chart Your Course - Testimonials

"We cannot let ESG ratings dictate our ESG strategy; we must first honestly know our material issues, our strengths and vulnerabilities; put actions in place to address those weaknesses - and then toggle to the ESG ratings to see where they can add value."

Scott Tew - Executive Director - Trane Technologies


"Using ESG Navigator, we laid out a roadmap and took it to our Board. (We had previously been using our own scorecard for the annual update.) They were fascinated! This changed our planning process."

Kathy Gerwig - Vice President - Kaiser Permanente [retired]


“Investors increasingly want to know how we plan to grow our business while addressing critical ESG factors.  ESG Navigator helps us measure that and provides an informed best-practice roadmap. In this respect, it is the most robust tool we’ve come across.”

Jon Newton - Eaton Corporation


"We like seeing concrete examples of companies that are in Stage 3 or Stage 4 on areas highly relevant to us."

Christine Martin - VP, Public Affairs and Sustainability - PPL Corporation

3. Build Robust Systems

Answer these questions:

  • What things can we stop doing?
  • Which companies are pushing the envelope - truly transforming themselves?
  • Where's the leverage? The few low-effort; high-impact actions that
  • Learn from leaders


  • Best Practices: Over 500 best practice examples (with read links) - constantly updated
  • Peer Learning: Monthly webinars - feature leading company stories: what's worked and challenges
  • Survey top 100 execs

3. Build Robust Systems - Testimonials

"External ESG ratings focus predominantly on environmental and social risks - with hardly any focus on governance or strategy. That's where ESG Navigator is especially helpful."

Linda Hilbert - Executive Director - Consumers Energy


“ESG Navigator is much more than a tool. Gib has brought together a diverse group of leading companies to discuss and address the latest sustainability topics companies are wrestling with.”

Dan Fitzgerald - Director, Product Sustainability - Stanley, Black & Decker


"I've always viewed ESG Navigator as a tool for corporate leadership to assess readiness for success in a carbon-constrained world."

Dave Stangis - Chief Sustainability Officer - Campbell Soup [retired]


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