“ESG Navigator is much more than a tool. Gib has brought together a diverse group of leading companies to discuss and address the latest sustainability topics companies are wrestling with.”

Dan Fitzgerald – Director, Product Sustainability – Stanley, Black & Decker

Corporate ESG executives can engage with ESG Navigator in multiple ways.


Companies have one of three options for joining ESG Navigator:

  • Free (Option A): Unlimited use of the platform for your own company ratings; however, access to analytics is limited. For example, you cannot compare your company to others in your industry sector or sub-sector.
  • Standard (Option B): Annual fee for all of the analytics that were in place as of sign-up (plus normal upgrades and enhancements).
  • Premium (Option C): Annual fee includes many extra tools and features requested by the most active ESG Navigator users – plus immediate access to the major new features added during the year.


  • Please let us know how what your interest is in ESG.
  • We will respond with how ESG Navigator can help.