“ESG Navigator is much more than a tool. Gib has brought together a diverse group of leading companies to discuss and address the latest sustainability topics companies are wrestling with.”

Dan Fitzgerald – Director, Product Sustainability – Stanley, Black & Decker

Corporate ESG executives can engage with ESG Navigator in multiple ways. We update the ESG Navigator membership options each year – taking effect September 1.


Effective September 1, 2022, companies will continue to have the ability to start for free and then evaluate three options for reaping value from ESG Navigator:

  • Bronze: Access the proprietary ESG Navigator Maturity Model – detailing the 100 Key Sustainability Indicators, each with the criteria defining Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, and Stage 4. Build a starter slide deck with some of the most powerful ESG Navigator analytics that your peers have shared with their CEO and board. Download our Knowledge Hub reports.
  • Silver: Benchmark your industry sector and sub-sector peers, along with all companies in the ESG Navigator database. Access the full set of 700+ benchmarking analytics (vs. only about 10% of those with the Bronze membership). Align internally on ESG, reaching out to your internal functional and business teams using our ESG Importance Survey and Excel Toolkit.
  • Gold: (same as the Premium Gold membership during FY-2022) Analyze ESG ratings positioning – and access the full features and benefits of ESG Navigator – including all new tools developed during the year. Select the new Gold Plus option for a retainer of discounted consulting during the year.


  • Please let us know how what your interest is in ESG.
  • We will respond with how ESG Navigator can help.