Example Pitch Decks

“Using ESG Navigator, we laid out a roadmap and took it to our Board. (We had previously been using our own scorecard for the annual update.) They were fascinated! This changed our planning process.”

Kathy Gerwig – Vice President – Kaiser Permanente (retired)

This section provides summary pitch decks many members have helped to shape – and have found to be incredibly helpful.

Introduction to ESG Navigator

This deck provides a general introduction to the ESG Navigator Platform.


Are we Thinking about ESG Strategically? (ESG Navigator KSI Structure)

Click above for a short set of slides depicting

  • The current KSI structure
  • Individual slides for Governance; Strategy; Environment; and Social.

How do Peer Companies Use ESG Navigator?

Click here for a simple set of slides depicting how 10 of your peer companies have used ESG Navigator:

  • The typical pathway from first data entry to the C-Suite and board.
  • Examples of how 10 companies refined their initial scores and engaged senior executives.

Are We Ready for 2022?

Click this link for a short deck (~15 slides) that answer these questions based on what 25+ ESG Navigator users have shared during late 2020:

  • What are the main questions your CEO is asking about ESG as 2022 approaches?
  • What are the most powerful ESG Navigator graphics to show the CEO in response to those questions?

C-Suite Pitch Deck

Click above for the latest version of the C-Suite Pitch Deck. Since 2018, many active members of ESG Navigator have downloaded powerful analytics from the website and crafted their own executive presentations. Many have shared these with the CEO and the board of directors. They have also share their presentations (confidentially) with our team.

Imagine these graphics – with your company data on your company templates. The graphics are simple to download.