“The data are confidential; no other company can see our ratings.  We can candidly assess where we are in our sustainability journey – and where we should focus to improve.”

Nancy Kralik – Senior Director, Sustainability – Fluor

Your Data is Confidential

A key aspect of ESG Navigator is ensuring the confidentiality of your company data.

  • No other company sees your ratings.
  • In the data analysis, we only show information by industry sector, sub-sector, or other grouping if data for at least six companies is being compared.
  • Since companies want to know who you are being compared with for benchmarking purposes, you simply agree that we list the name of your company as a participant – as part of our User Agreement.

“Rule of Six”

We use the “rule of six” – meaning that in any set of analytics, we require at least six companies in the group.

  • Industry Sector analysis – available if we have at least six companies have submitted data
  • Industry Sub-Sector analytics – ditto.

If we do not yet have six companies in your industry sector, that will likely change very soon! 

The Conference Board will be actively promoting ESG Navigator to its (>1,000) corporate members worldwide.