“It’s very advantageous that the data are confidential.  We can be candid with our input, since no other company can see our ratings.  Those ratings will provide clarity on where we are in our sustainability journey and where we should focus improvements.”

Nancy Kralik – Senior Director, Sustainability – Fluor

Your Data is Confidential

A key aspect of ESG Navigator is ensuring the confidentiality of your company data.

  • No other company sees your ratings.
  • In the data analysis, we only show information by industry sector, sub-sector, or other grouping if data for at least six companies is being compared.
  • Since companies want to know who you are being compared with for benchmarking purposes, you simply agree that we list the name of your company as a participant – as part of our User Agreement.

“Rule of Six”

We use the “rule of six” – meaning that in any set of analytics, we require at least six companies in the group.

  • Industry Sector analysis – available if we have at least six companies have submitted data
  • Industry Sub-Sector analytics – ditto.

If we do not yet have six companies in your industry sector, that will likely change very soon! 

The Conference Board will be actively promoting ESG Navigator to its (>1,000) corporate members worldwide.