“I’ve always viewed ESG Navigator as a powerful platform for corporate leadership to assess readiness for success in a carbon-constrained world.”

Dave Stangis – Partner & Chief Sustainability Officer – Apollo Global Management

ESG Navigator is a corporate sustainability assessment and strategic planning platform – designed in Fortune-500 boardrooms to help companies capture value from environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors.

Our Value Proposition: ESG Navigator empowers C-Suite executives and your teams to create a future-ready strategy: know where your company stands today on ESG (vs. peer companies and major ESG ratings) – and build robust governance and a winning strategy to capture value from ESG tomorrow.

The Conference Board endorsed and licensed the platform because “ESG Navigator distills 30 years of industry knowledge, interactions with dozens of CEOs, board members, and ESG expertise into an easy-to-use, online assessment tool.”


Background and Benefits

“Can you develop a scorecard that helps board members navigate sustainability?”

Over the past three decades, I have had the privilege of participating in dozens of Fortune 500 Board of Directors meetings. In 1997, I was asked the question above in two separate board meetings (major multinational industrial and chemical companies) a month apart. That is when I began developing the Corporate Sustainability Scorecard – later named ESG Navigator. To learn more about the work we do that supports ESG Navigator, kindly visit our website: https://hedstromassociates.com.

Why do over 125 leading global companies use this platform to capture value from ESG?

  • Built on Governance and Strategy. ESG frameworks and ratings play an important role. However, individually and collectively, they fail the 80/20 governance rule. They may address about 80 percent of environmental and social factors; however, they capture only about 20 percent of governance and leadership; strategy and execution.
  • C-Suite LanguageThe 17 elements comprising ESG Navigator represent typical C-Suite responsibilities. For example, the environmental elements are not carbon; water; hazardous materials. The environmental elements are operations, supply chain, products. In ESG Navigator, sustainability is woven into how businesses run.
  • ESG Ratings Maps. “There is nothing else like this out there” said the VP Sustainability for a Fortune 100 company. The ESG Ratings Maps allow your company to view a custom set of maps comparing your company ESG Navigator scores across the topics covered by 15 major ESG frameworks and ratings.
  • Best Practice Examples.  For virtually all of the ~114 Key Sustainability Indicators – ESG Navigator offers short summaries of “Stage 3+ or Stage 4 best practice examples from global corporations.

Companies Participating

Click here to view many of the over 125 major global corporations are actively involved with ESG Navigator. More access the platform every week. Access to  ESG Navigator is limited to individuals meeting these criteria:

  • Must work for a for-profit corporation.
  • Corporation must be at least $100MM in annual sales or 100 employees.
  • Cannot be a consultancy or in the business of ESG ratings.

ESG Navigator  is designed primarily for use by the “chief sustainability officer” (or equivalent) – or any executive actively involved in key ESG efforts (e.g., investor relations; public affairs; strategic planning; etc.).



We are honored that many ESG Navigator members (including those with the Free option as well as those with the Standard and Premium memberships) have shared words that convey the benefit they receive from ESG Navigator. They have given us permission to share their comments.

In addition, during our monthly webinars, participants constantly share testimonials – which are not attributed to them.


ESG Navigator is a completely confidential company benchmarking platform. Nobody sees your company data except for those in your company who you share your log-in credentials with. Every individual/company that becomes a Registered User accepts our User Agreement that spells out the confidentiality provisions.