“I’ve always viewed ESG Navigator as a tool for corporate leadership to assess readiness for success in a carbon-constrained world.”

Dave Stangis – Chief Sustainability Officer – Campbell Soup (retired)

ESG Navigator distills 30 years of industry knowledge, interaction with many dozens of CEOs and Board members, and sustainability expertise into an easy-to-use tool. The simple rating platform helps CEOs and their staff understand where they stand on ESG today – and where to focus on improving.

The ESG Navigator platform is designed for corporations (typically mid-cap and large-cap) to assess their status on ESG and to plan strategically for how to capture value from both reducing ESG risks and seizing ESG-related opportunities. Access to the ESG Navigator benchmarking platform (via assigned log-in credentials) is limited to individuals meeting these criteria:

  • Must work for a for-profit corporation
  • Corporation must be at least $100MM in annual sales or 100 employees
  • Cannot be a professional service firm (as the platform is not designed for this type of firm)

Background and History

“Can you develop a scorecard that helps board members navigate sustainability?”

During the 1990s I had had the privilege of participating in dozens of Fortune 500 Board of Directors meetings. In 1997, Ashland’s  Board Committee Chair Patrick Noonan asked me this question. That same month, I met with the Board Corporate Responsibility Committee of Honeywell (then AlliedSignal) for the 10th time – watching CEO Larry Bossidy in action and meeting in “executive session” with only the outside directors.

That was the year (1997) I began developing the Corporate Sustainability Scorecard – later named ESG Navigator.

To learn more about the work we do that supports ESG Navigator, kindly visit our website: https://hedstromassociates.com

Benefits and Value

How is ESG Navigator different? Why do over 125 leading global companies use this platform to capture value from ESG?

  • Built on Governance and Strategy. Not one of the over 100 sustainability rating schemes in existence today (e.g., Bloomberg, CDP, DJSI, FTSE4Good, Global 100, etc.) is strong enough on the critical factors that matter most to Boards of Directors and C-suite executives: governance and leadership; strategy and execution.
  • C-Suite LanguageThe 17 Scorecard Templates comprising the Sustainability Scorecard are solidly business-focused. In other words, sustainability is woven into how businesses run – rather than bolted onto a set of additional metrics imposed by external parties.
  • Best Practice Examples. When working to innovate or evolve your company’s sustainability practices, it is helpful to learn from those that have been down the path before you. Real stories and examples from other companies can be powerful ways to engage others within your company. For each of the 17 elements – and virtually all of the ~114 Key Sustainability Indicators – the Scorecard offers short summaries and links to best practice examples from global corporations.

Companies Participating

Over 125 major global corporations are actively involved with ESG Navigator – and more are signing up every day. Click here to view a breakdown of the “Founding” 60 companies in 2018; a list of Companies Participating today; and also a list of Historical Participants who helped shape the tool over the past 20 years.

Who is ESG Navigator for? ESG Navigator can be used by various individuals and groups within a company. However, it is designed primarily for use by:

  • The “chief sustainability officer” (or equivalent).
  • The person who oversees internal sustainability efforts
  • An executive (and team) who reports to the CEO and Board of Directors or Board Committee about sustainability posture, programs, performance, and plans.


ESG Navigator is a completely confidential company benchmarking platform. Nobody sees your company data except for those in your company who you share your log-in credentials with.

  • Every individual/company that becomes a Registered User accepts our User Agreement that spells out the confidentiality provisions.
  • View User Agreement here.

Rating Criteria

Think of the Rating Criteria as a “library of industry ESG practices” — those structures, processes, activities most companies (and certainly leading companies) engage in to manage ESG risks and opportunities. For over 20 years, the rating criteria have been shaped, vetted, tested, and refined by nearly 100 ESG Navigator users.

In December 2020, we began a comprehensive review of the KSIs that involved:

  • Making changes our team tracks during the year, including input from you – ESG Navigator users.
  • Inviting 20-30 active ESG Navigator practitioners (including all Basic and Advanced Members) to provide input.
  • Soliciting comments from the ESG research team at The Conference Board

We finished our review and  finalized the new 2021 KSIs on March 24, 2021. The changes have been made to this website. When you go to rate or update your ratings you will see the new KSIs. All existing company data (KSI scores) have migrated to the new 2021 KSIs. That means your scores and analytics all have the new KSI listing.

  • Rating Criteria may be available upon request if you are not currently a registered user; please email Gib (gib@hedstromassociates.com) if you want to learn more.