ESG Ratings Survey: 2021

At the request of many of our ESG Navigator members, we designed and conducted a comprehensive Survey of ESG Frameworks and Ratings during the second quarter of 2021. We finalized the Survey Report in July 2021.

Why do the Survey?

The last survey The Conference Board conducted on ESG Ratings was in 2016. Since then, the ESG ratings landscape has changed dramatically.

What questions did we ask?

Even for full-time ESG professionals, keeping up-to-date on the intricacies of the frameworks and ratings is a challenge. With considerable input from ESG Navigator members, we designed the survey around these eight topics:

  1. Which frameworks and ratings are most important?
  2. Which have the greatest stature – regardless of whether our company participates?
  3. How do leading companies select which frameworks and ratings to focus on the most?
  4. What are the repercussions of not using individual frameworks or participating in individual ratings?
  5. What is the resource intensity of each?
  6. What are the benefits of individual frameworks and ratings?
  7. What’s the return on investment for each?
  8. What are the trends – which are trending up and which are trending down?

After the survey was finalized, we invited Corporate Eco Forum to join in the effort. The Chair of Corporate Eco Forum said the this was “absolutely top-notch survey; brilliantly done; totally comprehensive.” With that reassurance, we invited ESG Navigator and CEF members to participate.

Who responded?

More than 50 major (blue-chip) multinational companies across most industry sectors responded.

How do I get the final report?

The final report is available to any company that is a Registered User of ESG Navigator – so long as you have current company self-assessment data in ESG Navigator.  A Registered User means:

Just update or input your initial company assessment data (only takes an hour or two maximum – for some as little as 45 minutes) – and we send you the report.