C-Suite Pitch Deck

Do you have 30 minutes with a C-Suite member to summarize your company’s ESG performance?

Since 2019, we have provided an example C-Suite Pitch Deck – offering ESG Navigator members ideas of analytics you might want to download, put in a PowerPoint deck and share with your teams and C-Suite. Simply imagine this type of information with your company data on your company templates.


New Downloadable PowerPoint Decks

In 2022, we are developing tailored, downloadable PowerPoint decks with YOUR COMPANY DATA. This will provide you with a head-start creating your own C-Suite deck.

  • The Bronze Member PPT Deck will likely contain three of the most powerful “executive summary” benchmarking slides – along with an attachment that depicts the company scores across E + S + G + Strategy (with the ESG Navigator Rainbow Charts included).
  • The Silver Member PPT Deck will build on the Bronze deck, including analytics benchmarking your company against your industry sector (and/or sub-sector) peers.
  • The Gold Member PPT Deck being developed will draw inspiration from this  C-Suite Pitch Deck – and likely contain about 10-20 analytic