ESG Internal Alignment Report

Companies love this report!

We provide a powerful HTML report to all Silver and Gold members. 

See an example report here.

During recent monthly webinars, we have heard from Consumers Energy, Fluor, Marriott International, Stryker, and UPS how they used our special ESG Internal Alignment Report to advance their ESG priorities.

  • UPS sent their Excel sheet to their cross-functional corporate ESG council and received 11 completed (or partially completed) Excel sheets. They sent those to us and within 30 minutes they had a full report back.  They then had a 2-hour meeting to review the ~30 KSIs where the range of ratings was highest – to come to consensus.
  • Consumers Energy “carved up” the full list of KSIs on the Excel sheet into three buckets – and sent each to their internal “E” – “S” – and “G” teams. They received 23 completed Excel sheets initially and we turned around their analysis report within an hour.

Don’t waste your time (or hire a summer student) to analyze the results – once you gather completed (or partially completed) Excel rating sheets from your colleagues internally.

If you are not currently a Silver or Gold member and want to learn how to access this report, contact