Excel Workbook

Distribute the Excel Sheet to 2-100 of your Colleagues Internally 

An Excel version of the ESG Navigator Rating Criteria is available to every Registered User of ESG Navigator. All you have to do is ask.

In an effort to preserve confidentiality, each Excel sheet sent to a Registered User is pre-loaded with your company name. All aspects of the Excel sheet except for the rating column and comments column are locked.

  • Click here for an Excel Scoring Worksheet – to use in your company.
    • Full version – all ratings to distribute
    • Request a version of the sheet that allows you to hide rows and create a mini-version (e.g., 20-25 KSIs) to send to a group of executives.
  • You then send the Excel sheet out to multiple people in the company, asking them to complete the ratings.
  • After you receive the completed ratings (Excel sheets) back, you send to us and we shoot back a Special Excel Analysis Report.