Compare to TCFD, DJSI, Etc.

Don’t let ESG ratings dictate your strategy. Craft your strategy to deliver value.

Remember – ESG Navigator was built by industry – for industry. Every Key Sustainability Indicator (KSI) is a practice many companies initiated on their own to drive business value.

Compare and Contrast

See how different external ratings fit with the KSIs in ESG Navigator – and with each other. Here is an example showing just two (of the 17) elements of ESG Navigator…

In the graphic above, a solid “bubble” means a high degree of overlap between the ESG rating scope – and the specific KSI; semi-solid “bubble” means partial overlap; hollow “bubble” means little or no overlap.

An Excel version of the comparisons (like shown above) is available only to companies that Join Advanced Gold. See

Viewing Options:

On this page, you can “toggle” back and forth between

  • A group of ESG ratings and reporting standards (listed below) – and
  • “Rainbow Charts” of the four main sections of ESG Navigator:
    • Governance
    • Strategy
    • Environment
    • Social

ESG Ratings and Rankings:

  • Questionnaire-Based: 
    • CDP
    • DJSI
  • Based on Public Data:
    • Bloomberg
    • EcoVadis
    • FTSE
    • Global 100
    • ISS
    • MSCI
    • Refinitiv
    • Sustainalytics

ESG Reporting Standards:

  • SASB
  • TCFD
  • GRI