Compare to TCFD, DJSI, Etc.

Don’t let external ESG ratings dictate your strategy. Craft your strategy to deliver value.

Compare and Contrast: See how different external ratings fit with the business practices in this Scorecard – and with each other..

Remember – the Corporate Sustainability Scorecard was built by industry – for industry. Every component of the Scorecard is a practice leading companies actually do – and initiated on their own to drive business value.

Two Viewing Options:

  • By External Rating: Select an individual external rating – and see the extent to which it addresses the corporate practices represented in this Scorecard.
    • Currently Available:
      • Questionnaire-Based:  DJSICDP
      • Based on Public Data: ISSMSCISustainalytics
      • ESG Reporting Standards: SASBTCFD
    • Others to Consider:
      • Based on Public Data: Barrons – Bloomberg – Corporate Knights (Global 100) – FTSE4Good
      • Rankings: Newsweek Green Rankings
      • ESG Reporting Standards: GRI, UN SDGs
  • By Scorecard Element: Select an individual element of the Scorecard – and see how some of the different ratings compare and contrast. (Coming Soon)