Engage with Peers

“ESG Navigator is much more than a tool. Gib has brought together a diverse group of leading companies to discuss and address the latest sustainability topics companies are wrestling with.”

Dan Fitzgerald – Director, Product Sustainability – Stanley, Black & Decker

Corporate ESG executives can engage with ESG Navigator in multiple ways.


Companies have one of three options for joining ESG Navigator:

  • Free Trial: Companies may start with a Free Trial (typically for one month), after which they select a Join Option.
  • Free (Option): Unlimited use of the platform for your own company ratings; however, access to analytics is limited. For example, you cannot compare your company to others in your industry sector or sub-sector.
  • Standard (Option B): Annual fee for all of the analytics that were in place as of sign-up (plus normal upgrades and enhancements).
  • Premium (Option C): Annual fee includes many extra tools and features requested by the most active ESG Navigator users – plus immediate access to the major new features added during the year.

Monthly Webinars

We offer monthly webinars for all corporate executives interested in ESG Navigator.

  • To be added to our webinar mailing list, Request Log-in Access to ESG Navigator. You can also sign up from the Get Started page.
  • Click on this section to see dates for upcoming webinars.
  • Registered users can download videos and files from past monthly webinars.
  • Email gib@hedstromassociates.com with any questions.

Quarterly ESG Strategy Forum

The monthly webinars provide an excellent baseline of information and learning for both new and seasoned ESG Navigator users. At  the same time, many of the more experienced and advanced ESG Navigator members wanted an opportunity (quarterly) to dig in more deeply to the strategic aspects of ESG.

Premium (Option C) Members of the ESG Navigator Collaborative specifically asked for an opportunity, in a small, confidential setting, to engage in a “higher-level, strategic discussion” about ESG issues and where ESG Navigator can help. In response, we created the Quarterly ESG Strategy Forum.



We issue periodic newsletters – a general update for all interested corporate ESG Navigator practitioners.



  • Please let us know how what your interest is in ESG.
  • We will respond with how ESG Navigator can help.