Knowledge Hub

“ESG Navigator is my library. It organizes current and emerging ESG topics in one place; helps us assess the relevance of these topics to our business; shows our organization’s maturity; and identifies improvement opportunities.”

Edan Dionne – Vice President – IBM

The ESG field is complex, extremely broad, and full of information that is not particularly helpful for corporate executives. As a result, starting in 2019 (at the request of our active ESG Navigator members) we began creating a “knowledge hub”  – compiling up-to-date and relevant information about the ESG landscape in one place, providing a number of resources to stay current on ESG. This is a place where corporate executives interested in learning more about ESG can access and learn.

The ESG Navigator Knowledge Hub draws on a peer network that has been cultivated over 30+ years. ESG professionals can gather industry insights, learn from peers, and engage in meaningful dialogue.

Engage with Peers

ESG Navigator, LLC has its roots in a long partnership with The Conference Board (TCB). For 10 years (2008 to 2018), Gib Hedstrom ran three executive ESG councils for TCB. Building on this base, ESG Navigator relies heavily on feedback and insights from an extensive peer network of experienced ESG leaders. ESG Navigator has held monthly webinars since January 2019

Key opportunities for engaging with leading ESG practitioners include:

  • ESG Navigator Membership Options – Learn more about the features and benefits of our three membership options: Bronze; Silver; and Gold.

ESG Navigator Library

Learn important background about ESG in general, the distinction between the “full pie” (ESG Navigator) and the “slice of the pie” (ESG Frameworks and ratings).

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ESG Ratings Library

Even for full-time ESG professionals, keeping up-to-date on the intricacies of the frameworks and ratings is a challenge. To help ESG professionals and their executive teams understand this rapidly changing ESG ratings landscape, we created the ESG Ratings Library.

The Library consists of separate pages and maps on:

  • Survey of ESG Frameworks and Ratings: 2021 – We conducted a comprehensive survey of the 15+ major ESG reporting frameworks and ratings during 2021. Corporate Eco Forum partnered, calling this an “absolutely top-notch survey; brilliantly done; totally comprehensive.” More than 50 major (blue-chip) multinational companies across most industry sectors responded. The final report is available to all companies with up-to-date data in ESG Navigator.
  • ABC’s of ESG Frameworks and Ratings – a “Wiki” summary of each of the major ESG frameworks and ratings.
  • ESG Ratings Master Map – a simple map showing the information flow from companies, using reporting frameworks, to ESG ratings and ultimately to investment options.
  • ESG Reporting Frameworks – a summary provided by The Conference Board (with permission)
  • “Who Bought Who” – a 10-year merger and acquisition history in a simple, visually easy-to-understand map.
  • “What Feeds What” – a map showing how different ESG frameworks and ratings “feed into” one another.


  • Monthly Webinars – Since January 2019, we have hosted monthly webinars to gather the ESG Collaborative together to keep our finger on the pulse of what customer needs are, understand current roadblocks they are facing, and share insights and knowledge on how to gain maximum value from the ESG Navigator platform. Every few months, we invite ESG Navigator members to share how they are using the platform.
  • Quarterly ESG Strategy Forum – For our Premium (Gold) members, we host a quarterly forum for a more in-depth conversation with a premier group of industry professionals.
  • Peer Company Presentations – A dozen or more companies have shared short presentations on our webinars – specifically showing how they have used ESG Navigator to align internally and craft a powerful summary message for their executive ESG council, the C-Suite and the board.