Build C-Suite Pitch

Prepare a 15-20-minute ESG/sustainability summary to share with a C-Suite member.

Anyone can download an example C-Suite Pitch Deck – providing an example of ESG Navigator analytics that companies share with executive teams, the C-suite, and the board. Simply imagine this type of information with your company data on your company templates.


Download Your Own PowerPoint Deck

Bronze, Silver, and Gold members can download PowerPoint decks with YOUR COMPANY DATA – giving you a head-start creating your own C-Suite deck.

  • The Bronze Member PPT Deck contains 6-10 of the most powerful “executive summary” benchmarking slides – comparing your company to all (175+ companies in the database).
  • The Silver Member PPT Deck will build on the Bronze deck, including analytics benchmarking your company against your industry sector (or sub-sector) peers.
  • The Gold Member PPT Deck draws inspiration from this  C-Suite Pitch Deck – and the proven decks many Gold members have shared during our monthly webinars.