Navigate ESG

“We cannot let ESG ratings dictate our ESG strategy. We must first honestly know our material issues, our strengths and vulnerabilities; put actions in place to address those weaknesses – and then toggle to the ESG ratings to see where they can add value.”

Scott Tew Vice President Sustainability – Trane Technologies

Use ESG Navigator in three steps:

  1. Quick Start and Rate – Take 10 minutes to complete the Quick Start – see how easy it is. Then complete the full company assessment (first pass). Just do it! Your data is completely confidential. Edit 24/7/365.
  2. Analyze the results
    1. Benchmark peers by viewing hundreds of bar charts, rainbow charts, summary bubble chart and more.
    2. Map your company ESG performance across 15 ESG reporting frameworks and ratings.
  3. Prioritize your key areas of improvement (Rate ~10-15% of the ~100 KSIs as “Highly Relevant” – then drill down and analyze each.)