Excel Toolkit

“It’s very advantageous that the data are confidential.  We can be candid with our input, since no other company can see our ratings.  Those ratings will provide clarity on where we are in our sustainability journey and where we should focus improvements.”

Nancy Kralik – Senior Director, Sustainability – Fluor

For Registered Users Only

The Excel tools are only available to Registered Users – individuals representing companies that meet the basic ESG Navigator criteria and who have requested log-in credentials.

  • Rating Criteria may be available upon request if you are not currently a registered user; please email Gib (gib@hedstromassociates.com) if you want to learn more.
  • Request Log-in Credentials Here

Distributing Excel Internally  

An Excel version of the ESG Navigator rating criteria is available to all Registered Users (individuals/companies that have requested log-in access). The Excel Toolkit described below is included at no cost for subscribers to Join Option B (Basic) and Join Option C (Advanced). The Excel Toolkit is available to Option A subscribers for a fee.

In an effort to preserve confidentiality, each Excel sheet sent to a Registered User is pre-loaded with your company name. All aspects of the Excel sheet except for the rating column and comments column are locked.

  • If you want to access the Excel Toolkit, please email Gib Hedstrom.
    • Free for subscribers to Option B and Option C.
    • Extra fee for subscribers to Option A.
  • You then send the Excel sheet out to multiple people in the company, asking them to complete the ratings.
  • After you receive the completed ratings (Excel sheets) back, you send to us and we shoot back a Special Excel Analysis Report.

Special Excel Analysis Report  

Don’t waste your time comparing and analyzing responses on multiple Excel sheets you receive back from your colleagues. We have a program to to analyze the results (instead of you having to have an analyst do so manually).

  • You send us complete Excel files – and
  • We shoot back a full report with analysis.
  • Coming soon: upload a completed Excel file directly to the website.

Access Special ESG Ratings Bubble Chart  

Wouldn’t you love to see – in one simple chart –

  • How your company stacks up on a set of critical ESG factors — AND
  • How a dozen of the major ESG ratings address (or do not address) those factors?

More details in this section.