Companies Participating

Options for Participation

Click here to download a short summary of the different join options:

  • Free Trial: New companies have a free trial for a month or two (same as Option B below)
  • Option A: Free Subscription
  • Option B: Basic Subscription
  • Option C: Advanced Subscription

Over 100 Major Global Corporations Participating

  • 1997 – 2015: ~30 companies helped to shape the early Scorecard
  • 2015: Pilot with ~25 companies participating
  • 2017-2018: Over 60 major companies completed a self-assessment as “founding members” (see below)
  • 2019: Significant refinement; many new features; 100+ weeks of IT investment to build analytics, etc.
  • 2020: Continuing to add features desired by Advance Option C Participants