Rating Criteria

“The dialog among our cross-functional team as we completed our self-assessment was an excellent opportunity to align on ESG internally. This is a simple – yet powerful platform that demonstrates the breadth and influence of ESG in defining business strategies.”

Skiles Boyd -Vice President – DTE Energy (retired)

PDF Download – Current KSI Listing

Excel Scoring Option

  • At the request of members, we developed an Excel version of all the rating criteria – identical to what is on the website.
  • Members find this helpful when multiple people from the company are involved. For example, companies can:
    • Send the full Excel sheet out to multiple people in the company, asking them to complete the ratings.
    • Assign individual names or functions on the Excel sheet to each of the KSIs that are to be rated.
    • Request a version of the sheet that allows you to tailor – essentially create a mini-version (e.g., 20-25 KSIs) to send to a group of executives.
  • Click here for an Excel Scoring Worksheet – to use in your company, and we will send you one.
  • We are in the process of upgrading the Excel sheet to provide additional functionality – including:
    • Sending us the completed files and we run a program to analyze the results (instead of you having to have an analyst do so manually)
    • Uploading a completed Excel file directly to the website.

2020 KSI Edits

  • We do an annual review of all KSIs – to continually sharpen and simplify – yet retain the integrity for year-over-year comparisons.
  • In Q4-2019, we did a major overhaul of the KSIs – soliciting input from many of you. We received terrific input and were able to eliminate 20 KSIs by combining two past ones into one current (2020) one.
  • We also made significant edits to the Stage 1 – Stage 4 descriptors – adding additional content to sharpen the rating criteria.