GRI ESG Importance Survey

What are your company’s most important ESG key performance indicators (KPIs)?

A great first step using the ESG Navigator platform is to complete this simple survey – which should only take 10-15 minutes. You will simply be rating 100 KPIs on degree of importance to your company – in terms of long-term value. Once you complete this survey, we can simply transfer the (typically 10-20) “Most Important” KPIs over to your ESG Navigator company data. From there you can move to the next step and create your first-pass company self-assessment.

Think of the 100 KPIs (we call them Key Sustainability Indicators) in this survey as defining the actions companies like yours take to gain value from ESG. Scott Tew (VP Sustainability, Trane Technologies) likes to say ESG Navigator’s Key Sustainability Indicators:

“define what good, better, best look like – and what’s expected of us as we progress”

Since 2015, over 80 major companies have shaped, tested, and refined these 100 Key Sustainability Indicators, organized as follows:

  • Four sections: E + S + G + Strategy – 60% Governance and Strategy; 40% Environment and Social.
  • Four stages of maturity – a tough rating scale (no company is fully stage 4 today).

GRI ESG Importance Survey

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What was your company's worldwide full-time headcount (full-time equivalent) at the end of last year?


Identify which ESG topics (KPIs - we call KSIs) will be most important to drive long-term value - across industry in general. You can run through the 100 questions in about 20 MINUTES.


SCORE each question (Key Sustainability Indicator) on IMPORTANCE TO COMPANIES IN YOUR SECTOR - TO DRIVE LONG-TERM VALUE from ESG. You are NOT evaluating importance to your company leadership today. The TARGET = ~20% (20 of the 100) scored as MOST IMPORTANT. For each Key Sustainability Indicator, we describe the intent of the question/KSI.