Option B: Standard

$4,300.00 for 1 year

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Option B: Basic “How do we compare with others?”

Time Period: Annual Subscription (from date of sign-up)


  • $2,750 for new companies  (who submit initial complete company self-assessment ratings after September 30, 2019)
  • $2,200 for “Founding Participants” (companies that submitted complete self-assessment ratings prior to September 30, 2019)

What You Receive:

Option B provides 24/7/365 access to the user portal showing multiple ways to “slice and dice” the data to see your your company compares with peers. The main focus of Option B is to help companies answer the basic question: “How do we stack up – vs. all participants; our industry sector and our industry sub-sector?”

  • 24/7/365 Access: to user web portal (to be accessed via user name and password).
  • Complete your “Scorecard” directly on the website or using the new Custom Excel rating tool.
    • Engage Colleagues – share the Excel sheet; send us the completed sheets; we return an automated report; you then review the summary scores and “highly relevant” ratings – and upload to the website
    • Import Excel Sheet – during Q4-19 and 2020, you will be able to directly import a completed Excel sheet directly to the website.
  • Benchmark Your Peers: comparison of your company to:
    • All participants (all companies in the database at the time of request)
    • Your Industry Sector (assuming at least six companies in the group)
    • Your Industry Sub-sector (assuming at least six companies in the group)
  • Benchmark ESG Topics: Compare your Company Self-Assessment to your peers:
    • Overall Score (your score and distribution of overall scores and scores in your peer group)
    • By Section (the  four broad sections of the Scorecard: Governance; Strategy; Environmental; and Social)
    • By Element (the 17 “pages” on the rating tool – that fall within the four Sections above (e.g., Goals and Metrics, Strategic Planning, etc.)
    • By KSI (the ~145 “Key Sustainability Indicators” that Scorecard users rate)
  • Examine your Most Highly Relevant Issues:  Dig into those items (KSIs) you marked as “Highly Important / Relevant to my Company”
  • Downloadable Graphics: Users can download charts and graphs depicting benchmark results.
  • Compare and Contrast Other Ratings: See how the Scorecard detail compares with:
    • TCFD (Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures)
    • DJSI (Dow Jones Sustainability Indices)
    • And other common sustainability ratings

Requirements (same for all Join options):

  • Must be a for-profit company.
  • Designed primarily for large and mid-size companies (e.g., revenue of $100MM+ or 100+ employees.
  • Not available (or intended for) professional service firms (consultancies, law firms, etc.).

What You Agree (same requirements as those in Option A)

  • Complete an initial Company Self-Assessment.
  • Update your Company Self-Assessment at least once per year.
  • Click the Option B Join button – and thereby confirm the User Agreement:
    • Ensures confidentiality of your data (no other company can see your data).
    • Allows us to list your company name as a participant – so that you (and all others) have a sense of what peer companies are in the benchmark database.