Get to Know ESG Navigator

Click below to see other companies active with ESG Navigator; view the powerful ESG Ratings Maps and benchmarking Sample Analytics you can access through ESG Navigator. (The maps and analytics are for ABC Company.) Also – see an example CEO Pitch Deck – something you can quickly create once you enter data in ESG Navigator.

New Updates

You can also access our 2021 Survey of ESG Ratings highlighting how 50+ companies rate the importance, benefits, etc. of 17 ESG ratings.

"You can do it so fast (couple of hours) and immediately gain a lot of insight; very quick to identify gaps – and some surprises.”

Scott Tew – Vice President, Sustainability – Trane Technologies

Just do it. Go to the Rate page and create an initial company self-assessment. You do not have to complete the data in one sitting; however, you must Save and also Submit. Then go back any time to update your data or fill in any blanks.

Visit the various supporting pages for additional information:

  • Rating Criteria. Learn how the ESG Navigator rating criteria have been created and continually refreshed.
  • FAQ. View answers to the most frequently asked questions; we suggest you read through the FAQ page first.
  • Investors. We are pleased to provide several pages created by our partner, Hedstrom Associates at the request of active ESG Navigator members. This information can help make sense of the many external ESG ratings and frameworks.
  • Help. If you run into issues or problems, email us: sustainability@conference-board.org.