User Agreement

The Corporate Sustainability ScorecardTM C-suite rating system (hereinafter referred to as the “Sustainability Scorecard”) is the wholly owned property of Hedstrom Associates. Use of the Sustainability Scorecard (via is limited to Registered Users, individuals who have been provided a user name and password. The contents of the Corporate Sustainability Scorecard rating system, and company Self-Assessments, are not to be used, in whole or in part, outside your organization.

Confidentiality of data from company Self-Assessments is a key aspect of the Corporate Sustainability Scorecard rating system. Hedstrom Associates’ will preserve the confidential nature of the individual ratings submitted. We will not share the ratings of an individual company beyond your company.

In order to provide valuable analysis about how your company “stacks up” against peers, Hedstrom Associates will provide a “user portal” for Registered Users. Here, you will see your own company report and data, as well as various analyses. When Hedstrom Associates shows comparative ratings, we will use a “rule of six.” This means that for any benchmark comparison, your company data will be compared with data from a total of at least six companies. If there are fewer than six companies (for example, in your industry sector or sub-sector), the comparisons provided will roll up to a next higher level.

A key benefit of the Sustainability Scorecard is the ability to know how your company compares against peer companies. Participating companies have said they want to know which other companies are participating. To facilitate this, you agree that your company name can be used by Hedstrom Associates only where we list participating companies. Your company name will not be tied to your company self-assessment ratings – other than in what you see as a Registered User for your company.

The best practice company examples contained within the Sustainability Scorecard are obtained from public sources. We have made our best effort to summarize each example accurately and concisely – and to cite an appropriate website link for further information. We invite any corrections of inaccurate or dated information. We also welcome recommendations for additional or revised wording and references for best practice examples.

Users of The Corporate Sustainability ScorecardTM C-suite rating system agree to release, indemnify, and hold Hedstrom Associates harmless from any costs or liabilities that result from claims against Hedstrom Associates by third parties, where such claims arise out of the registered user’s use of the Scorecard. This indemnification will not apply to the extent that a judicial decision results in a finding of gross negligence or willful misconduct on behalf of Hedstrom Associates.