ESG Navigator is not another one-size-fit-all rating scheme. The Navigator organizes current and emerging ESG topics in one place. It assists practitioners in assessing the relevance of these topics to their business and, with context, examines the organization’s maturity in each area and identifies improvement opportunities.

Edan Dionne – Vice President – IBM

Blog and Newsletters  

Articles and Books

ESG Navigator – and it’ predecessor name (the Corporate Sustainability Scorecard) has been featured in a variety of articles and books over the past several years.

Best Practices

ESG Navigator is much more than a company rating tool. Embedded in ESG Navigator are over 500 company best practices – organized to align with the (currently 129) ESG Navigator Rating Criteria.

  • Any Registered Users can access all best practice examples while completing your company scorecard ratings.
  • Companies that join Option B (Basic) or Option C (Advanced) can also access and download the best practices in additional ways: view best practices in the detailed analytics (bar charts) for each KSI; and download the best practices library (being developed in Q2-2020).

Excel Toolkit

A comprehensive Excel Toolkit is part of the ESG Navigator platform – available (only) to Registered Users. (To become a Registered User, simply Request Log-in Access. The Excel Toolkit consists of:

  • Excel versions of the Rating Tool – enabling Registered Users to distribute the Excel sheets internally; have many colleagues inside the company rate all (or a portion of) the KSIs; and send to us.
  • We provide to Option B and Option C (paid) Registered Users a Special Excel Analysis Report – which analyzes the inputs from 2-100 completed Excel Rating sheets and sends back a comprehensive HTML report.
  • During 2020, either a single completed Excel sheet or the average scores on our Special Excel Analysis Report – will be automatically uploaded to the ESG Navigator site as your latest Company Scorecard.

Peer Learning

The power of peer learning… Since January 2019, we have held monthly webinars for participating companies and interested parties.

  • If you want to be added to our mailing list to be invited to the monthly webinars, kindly send us a note with your interest.
  • Registered users can download videos and files from our past 2019 and 2020 monthly webinars – and register for upcoming ones.

Rating Criteria

Think of the Rating Criteria as a “library of industry ESG practices” — those structures, processes, activities most companies (and certainly leading companies) engage in to manage ESG risks and opportunities. For over 20 years, the rating criteria have been shaped, vetted, tested, and refined by nearly 100 ESG Navigator users.

  • During Q4-2019, we conducted a major overhaul of all KSIs – to continually sharpen and simplify – yet retain the integrity for year-over-year comparisons.
  • We received terrific input and very detailed comments from about 20+ active Scorecard users – and as a result we were able to eliminate 18 KSIs (!) and considerable sharpen the (Stage 1 – Stage 4) descriptors.
  • Download the 2020 KSI listing here.