ESG Navigator Maturity Model

“I really like the maturity model. I love that Stage 1 is good and Stage 4 is the next frontier – where the standard is moving. ESG Navigator does not tell you what is right or wrong.”

Current 2022 Key Sustainability Indicators (KSIs) 

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ESG Navigator Maturity Model

Companies do not have to figure this out for themselves. The Maturity Model is the C-Suite’s ESG organizing framework — the library of structures, processes, activities leading companies engage in to manage ESG risks and opportunities – organized the way CEOs run companies. For over 20 years, the ESG Navigator Maturity Model has been shaped, vetted, tested, and refined by over 100 ESG Navigator users.

The Conference Board endorsed ESG Navigator because it is the best, most comprehensive ESG framework globally, providing a holistic view of ESG from the perspective of a corporate board or CEO.

The ESG Navigator Maturity Model is a four-stage ESG maturity path – across “E + S + G + Strategy” – comprised of 17 elements and 100 Key Sustainability Indicators (KSIs). The ESG Navigator KSIs define actions, processes, structures and programs companies have created or aim to create to capture business value from ESG.


Annual Updates

Annually (for the past five years and ongoing), we conduct a comprehensive review of the ESG Navigator rating criteria – to continually sharpen and simplify – yet retain the integrity for year-over-year comparisons:

  • Making changes suggested by ESG Navigator users.
  • Updating based on latest business news.
  • Soliciting comments from the ESG research team at The Conference Board.