Criteria to Rate Importance

How to Select Your Top 10-20 Highly Relevant KSIs?

This is the #1 issue for most of you once you have company data in ESG Navigator. The purpose of tagging as “Highly Relevant” KSIs is to aid in selecting those activities most critical over the coming few years that drive value from ESG.

  • Many of you now have a solid set of updated KSI ratings (drawing on input from colleagues inside your company).
  • Next up is how to select the “right” top 12-20 priority KSIs.  You want to feel good about these before sharing with your C-Suite and board.

Use These Definitions

  • Governance Section: Which ~6-8 of the 33 Governance KSIs are:

    • Most critical to how we run the company – and to fully integrate ESG into our core business operations?
  • Strategy Section: Which ~4-6 of the 27 Strategy KSIs are:

    • Most important to driving tomorrow’s revenue growth from more sustainable products, services and solutions?
  • Environment Section: What ~3-4 of the 22 Environment KSIs are:

    • The most material environmental issues, representing greatest risk to your company and industry sector(s)?
  • Social Section: What ~3-4 of the 18 Social KSIs are:

    • The most material social issues, representing greatest risk to your company and industry sector(s)?

Suggested 3-Step Process

  1. Environment and Social: Pick your company’s top three material Environmental and Social issues. Our favorite tool for this is the German Environment Ministry’s SD-KPI Standard.
  2. Governance: Do this next; it’s the toughest.
  3. Strategy: Think about how your company drives tomorrow’s revenue growth – offering products, services and solutions that will win in the marketplace. Review the Strategy section and select 3-5 KSIs that align with how your company drives growth.

In other parts of this section, you can tap into additional guidance: