ESG Ratings Maps

“External ESG ratings focus predominantly on environmental and social risks – with hardly any focus on governance or strategy. That’s where ESG Navigator is especially helpful.”

Linda Hilbert – Executive Director – Consumers Energy

New ESG Ratings Maps

Download your company’s ESG Ratings Maps

Sneak Preview

1. We start with a basic “Coverage Map” – showing the extent to which 14 ESG frameworks and ratings “cover” or address the content of ESG Navigator KSIs (which = the things companies do to create value from ESG):

2. We then add in your company ESG Navigator Scores:

3. We then show your “heat map” analysis:

4. Then sort by the “HR!” column – to show those KSIs you and your team mark as highest priority for your company:

5. Then show your “heat map” at a summary level – showing the 17 major “elements” of ESG Navigator:

6. Finally a Dashboard shows your overall Ratings Positioning Score (here is one of many analytics):


Demo Session

Contact Gib ( if you would like a brief demo of how all the interactive ESG Ratings Maps work – and what you would be able to see with your company data.