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Silver Membership: Deep Dive ESG Benchmarking

Time Period: Annual Subscription (from date of sign-up)

Cost: $4,000

Silver provides 24/7/365 access to the user portal showing multiple ways to “slice and dice” the data to see your your company compares with peers. The main focus of Silver is to help companies answer the basic question: “How do we stack up – vs. all participants; our industry sector and our industry sub-sector?”

Silver membership does NOT include any of the ESG Ratings Maps – the ability to map your company performance across 15 of the major ESG reporting frameworks and ratings.

What You Receive:

  • 24/7/365 Access: to user web portal (to be accessed via user name and password).
  • Complete your “Scorecard” directly on the website or using the new Custom Excel rating tool.
    • Engage Colleagues – share the Excel sheet; send us the completed sheets; we return an automated report; you then review the summary scores and “highly relevant” ratings – and upload to the website
    • Import Excel Sheet – you will have full access to the Excel Toolkit.
  • Benchmark Your Peers: comparison of your company to:
    • All participants (all companies in the database at the time of request)
    • Your Industry Sector (assuming at least six companies in the group)
    • Your Industry Sub-sector (assuming at least six companies in the group)
  • Benchmark ESG Topics: Compare your Company Self-Assessment to your peers:
    • Overall Score (your score and distribution of overall scores and scores in your peer group)
    • By Section (the  four broad sections of the Scorecard: Governance; Strategy; Environmental; and Social)
    • By Element (the 17 “pages” on the rating tool – that fall within the four Sections above (e.g., Goals and Metrics, Strategic Planning, etc.)
    • By KSI (the ~145 “Key Sustainability Indicators” that Scorecard users rate)
  • Examine your Most Highly Relevant Issues:  Dig into those items (KSIs) you marked as “Highly Important / Relevant to my Company”
  • Downloadable Graphics: Users can download charts and graphs depicting benchmark results.

Requirements (same for all Join options):

  • Must be a for-profit company.
  • Designed primarily for large and mid-size companies (e.g., revenue of $100MM+ or 100+ employees.
  • Not available (or intended for) professional service firms (consultancies, law firms, etc.).

What You Agree (same requirements as those in Bronze)

  • Complete an initial Company Self-Assessment.
  • Update your Company Self-Assessment at least once per year.
  • Click the Silver Join button – and thereby confirm the User Agreement:
    • Ensures confidentiality of your data (no other company can see your data).
    • Allows us to list your company name as a participant – so that you (and all others) have a sense of what peer companies are in the benchmark database.