Gold Plus Retainer Option

In September 2022, we established (new) Gold Plus in response to these comments from members:

  • ESG Navigator is incredibly robust and powerful.
  • ESG Navigator is extremely reasonably priced – very high value for the money.
  • Our team is not using the many ESG Navigator features to the full benefit. We miss many webinars.
  • Cutting a purchase order for a few thousand dollars is a royal pain.

Starting September 1, 2023, the Gold Plus Retainer Option is enhanced – offering about 10-12 hours of consulting, often including:

  1. Establish an annual game plan and quarterly calls – Initial working session to review status; examine how other companies use ESG Navigator in the most powerful ways; explore options; and agree game plan for the coming 12 months. Decide key priorities where we can add value:
    • Review your last sustainability report – offering suggestions, best practices, etc.
    • Review your last materiality assessment – and develop a game plan to simplify – and align with ESG Navigator.
    • Review the EU reporting standards – and implications for your company.
    • Engage your businesses to use ESG Navigator.
    • Engage customers and/or suppliers to use ESG Navigator.
  2. Review and react to your ESG Navigator scores – “It would be interested to have an external (confidential) sounding board as we debate and decide our ESG Navigator scores.” Join internal team call(s) to review the results of:
    • Your company self-assessment – Stage 1 to 4 ESG Navigator scores.
    • Your team’s selection of most important (“Highly Relevant”) topics/KSIs.
  3. Join internal ESG Council meetings – “I presented some of ESG Navigator to our ESG Council at our quarterly meeting – but I was not as familiar with the platform as I would have liked. Even so, they liked what they saw and wanted to learn more.” Participate in meeting(s); answer questions, show highlights, share peer practices.
  4. Assist with your draft ESG presentation deck(s) – “Are we using the most compelling material and presenting it in the most compelling ways? I wonder how other companies have done this most successfully?”
    • Review and react to draft internal (e.g., C-Suite) presentations and board reports.
    • Share/suggest additional graphics to use

In all cases, we tailor our approach to your specific needs.